One of the most valuable skills you can learn is CPR/AED. A sudden cardiac arrest incidence occurs outside of a hospital more than 350,000 a year. Heart disease and stroke still ranks as the number one cause of death nationwide.  (According to the American Heart Association statistics)

Security officers are often the first responders on the scene of any incident. It is vital for a security officer to have the ability to provide high quality CPR before the Emergency Services personal arrive on the scene.

At Carbajal Security Training, we provide CPR certification on Adult CPR/AED, often referred to as Heart Saver CPR/AED. This is a 3 hour class.

This is a two year certification. We offer a blended learning format. This form of CPR focuses on Adult CPR. We also provide information on adult choking, the signs, and symptoms of cardiac arrest.

The cost for this training is $50.00