Carbajal Security Training was established to assist individuals interested in working in the security profession. The state of New Jersey requires all Security Officers to have a SORA license. Mr. Mark Carbajal a New Jersey State certified SORA instructor has an extensive background in Emergency Management, Retail and Cooperate security. His first -hand knowledge in these areas of security will provide valuable, relevant and current information which will help you become a successful Security Officer. Our goal is to ensure you have quality training so you can begin you security career right.

Some of the security topics you will receive training in are:  

·         Homeland Security

·         The role of a Security officer

·         Terrorism Awareness

·         Cargo Theft

·         Security Measure preventive and deterrence

·         Incident Command

·         Report Writing

·         Ethics  



Hi Tech Refuge 

Hi Tech Refuge is an online blog started by Mr. Mark Carbajal which offers free security tips for your home or business. His blog expands on other areas of security such as emergency management, technology, and personal safety. To view his blog please click below