Carbajal Security Training was established to provide suitable security training for all current and future Security Officers. The New Jersey State Police require security officers who work in New Jersey to obtain a SORA license. This requirement is in accordance with the Security Office Registration Act regulating Security Officers.

The Founder, Mr. Mark Carbajal, is a certified New Jersey State SORA Instructor. He has experience in Asset Protection Management where he was responsible for preventing financial loss from theft or fraud for retail companies. He has current information in corporate security where security policies are implemented to protect the company assets from possible loss.

This vast knowledge in security is communicated in each class so each student is able to begin their career in the security industry with the proper focus on the client, the ability to protect company assets, and keep them safe in the performance of their duties.

Some of the security topics you will receive training in are:  

  • Homeland Security

  • The Role of a Security Officer

  • Terrorism Awareness

  • Cargo Theft

  • Security Measures (Preventive & Deterrent)

  • Incident Command

  • Report Writing

  • Ethics

Carbajal Security Training is always looking for new ways of providing up-to-date training to meet the needs of Security Officers. Please check our Services page for other training areas and services.

Hi Tech Refuge 

Hi Tech Refuge is an online blog started by Mr. Mark Carbajal, which offers free security tips for your home or business. His blog expands on other areas of security such as emergency management, technology, and personal safety. To view his blog, please click the button below: